11 novembro 2023

Which model is ideal for you?

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Comfort and safety when getting dressed, going out, wearing that piece of clothing and looking in the mirror and not seeing that you are showing anything should be one of the first requirements for choosing a piece of clothing before purchasing. Disguise that unwanted fat or even hide a part of your body on a given day simply because you want to highlight another part.


Knowing that a piece of clothing has the benefit of helping to improve posture, and helps us to align our posture, as it is a type of clothing that tends to tighten and accentuate the body more.


We need to pay close attention when shopping and know what objective we want to achieve when purchasing a certain piece of clothing, because in addition to the benefits I have already mentioned, the main function is to protect the body and prioritize the comfort that the piece offers. A very important tip is to be careful and not buy a piece with the number on it, unless you are used to using it. Always observe the measurements of the pieces so that everything is perfect when it arrives and you use it. Evaluate the purpose of the product and research where to booty shapewear.



Think: why should I choose to use this product? What benefit will this bring me in the long, medium and short term? Are there any contraindications? Do I have any illness or predisposition that makes it impossible for me to use products that cause this pressure? Will I use it post-operatively? Will I use it for aesthetics?


Evaluate each item and see what works best for you, your body and your lifestyle.


There are pieces that take up a good part of the body and this way you improve your posture, give the sensation of slimming your waist and that way you only wear one piece that shapes a good part of your body.


And there are many other models that are personalized pieces for every body type, shaping shorts that form part of the body, modeling the waist and butt, which are known as the best shapewear for the belly and waist. And you can wear it normally with a bra (if you wish). The good thing about this piece is that it is easier to put on and take off and despite modeling the body very well, it is less tight than the previous one and helps a lot to maintain posture and leave our body with a very beautiful outline.



The important thing is to measure the measurements well and start using them moderately, always respecting the manufacturer's recommendations so that the effect is good. And even better at this time of year is to take advantage of the shapewear black friday discounts and shop for less.


 Tell me here, which model do you like the most?

6 comentários:

  1. Oi, Vanessa,

    Concordo que temos de ter em mente que a peça deve ser confortável e também tem que atender a um propósito que estabelecemos previamente.


    1. Com certeza. Precisamos sempre priorizar o conforto e o objetivo que queremos usar cada peça.

  2. Querida Vanessa,
    Você sempre trazendo ótimas dicas aqui no seu blog e realmente é importante se atentar no momento em que desejar comprar roupas modeladoras para que elas sejam confortáveis e te façam melhorar a sua postura e consequentemente a saúde. Não podemos comprar nada por impulso e sem analisar direito os impactos.
    Um beijo!

    1. Exatamente. Muito obrigada e fiquei feliz em saber que gostou das dicas.
      E é sempre muito importante comprar sabendo o objetivo da compra para não gastar dinheiro a toa.


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