14 agosto 2022


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Who never made a cake and that same cake grabbed the tray/form, or who never needed to be quick when preparing a meal and didn't have seasonings or some food already ready to advance life, throw the first stone.


Everyone who has a slightly more hectic routine needs practicality, organization and ease when carrying out tasks, whether domestic or everyday outside the house.


When it comes to tasks in the house, it's very nice when we can streamline processes and maintain a well-structured routine. Of course, the routine will not be 100% the same daily, we can always do better and make everything easier for our lives and our daily lives.


I was researching kitchen utensils since I'm shopping and I decided to do research to see what works well for my reality and I noticed that this will help many people when it comes to optimizing their time and also when it comes to keeping an organization. It is important to research which types of utensils are easy to use and easily accessible. In addition to seeing the benefits, we have to see the values ​​and the time of use they will have.


Customized silicone products are very cool to have in the kitchen, in addition to being beautiful, they have different colors that we can choose from and also use in decoration, they are highly resistant to heat and cold.



Silicone cutlery

Spoons, spatulas are ideal to use in non-stick pans as they avoid scratching the pans and do not melt.


Ice forms

Ice forms


They are ideal for making ready-made seasonings and freezing them in the molds, it helps a lot when it comes to speeding up the processes when cooking. We can also use decorative molds to encourage children to eat certain foods, we present foods in different ways at the time of food introduction.


On the day of receiving that visit, we can use custom silicone molds such as ice cubes with different shapes, helping to decorate the table. It serves a multitude of things, just use our creativity.



Containers and pots


Pots are essential in the kitchen, it serves for everything, storing, freezing, lending for visitors to take a snack or food home. Store food so you don't put any pans in the fridge.


These are the tools I use the most and can't be missed here.


Tell me which utensil can't miss in your kitchen?





7 comentários:

  1. Amei o post. Eu sempre gosto de ter bastante pote, pq sempre se perde a tampa aqui em casa. Eu amo essas formas de gelo de silicone, principalmente aquelas em formatos diferentes.

  2. Eu amei essas coisinhas! Tem muitos utensílios que são essenciais para ter na cozinha.


    Beijoos ;*

  3. Posso querer tudo? Achei o máximo esses utensílios


  4. Olá, Vanessa,

    A gente adora os utensílios domésticos, né? rsrs. O meu marido fica quase doido comigo, pois estou sempre comprando as novidades, rsrs.


  5. Esses utensílios são bem bonitos e úteis.
    Adorei a cor das espátulas.

  6. Olá, Vanessa.
    Potes de tamanhos variados não pode faltar de jeito nenhum. E os talheres de silicone também não. A primeira vez que fui fazer churrasco que descobri que não tinha nada para pegar a e virar a carne, deu um trabalho hehe.


  7. Oi
    são utensílios importantes mesmo, as formas de gelo sempre da briga porque sempre tem um que usa o gelo e não enche as formas.



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